Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun in the Sun

One of the many great things about being a nurse is the days off in the middle of the week. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I got to spend the day walking around in the sunshine with two cute dogs. Unfortunately, neither of them are ours, but we like to pretend.

Here's me with my brother's Corgi Jackson

And my boyfriend with Massimo, my roommate Nicole's Maltese. Massimo and Danny share an equal love for each other.

The boys behaved (all three!) and we had a good time grabbing some yummy salads at Blue Barn and shopping around the marina.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a BIG thank you to my roommate Nicole for revamping/creating my entire blog!

I'm assuming anyone who is actually reading this already knows Nicole, but if by chance that isn't the case, you should really check out her blog. Her posts are always fun and something I enjoy looking at on a daily basis!

Oh, and the AMAZING photo of the Golden Gate Bridge used for my blog header was taken by Nicole herself!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Full House

My roommate Alex (on the left) is finally returning to SF today! She has been in England visiting her adorable family for the past three weeks and we have missed her!

With Alex back, Nicole (on the right), my boyfriend, our other new (temporary) roommates Erin and Andrew, and myself, we are going to have a packed house. Three bedrooms with 6 people! Can't wait to have close friends around ALL the time!

Erin and Andrew

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Obsessions

After months and months of dreaming...

I FINALLY just went for it and bought this...

and this...

and I couldn't be happier...

and I think my roommates love me just a little more because they can borrow them!

Both purses marc by marc jacobs, purchased here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

Everyone on facebook is doing this list of 25 random things. I didn't really feel like publishing it so everyone could see, but thought it would be fun.

1. I'm a Boulder girl at heart and always will be, but I am loving San Francisco!
2. I hope to one day go back to Italy and live there.
3. My parents are amazing people and I look up to them more than they know.
4. I HATE being late and the only time I was ever late to class in college I ended up not going because I was too embarrassed to walk in late.
5. My brother and I get along better than any other brother and sister I know. I have looked up to him my whole life and love that we are finally living in the same city!
6. Most people don't know this, but I am a pretty shy person. I am very outgoing one on one, but when it comes to groups, I get a little overwhelmed.
7. One of my favorite shows is Dexter and when I finally get a dog, I'm going to name him Dexter (putting aside the fact that Dexter is a serial killer on the show).
8. I'm very competitive, which probably comes from growing up with an older brother, and I feel like this quality comes out most when I'm skiing.
9. My boyfriend makes me laugh more than anyone.
10. I dream of one day living in a ski town, working on ski patrol and as a nurse practitioner.
11. Two years ago I was training for a marathon with a friend and I injured my hip. I wasn't allowed to run for over 6 months and have never been able to run the same since.
12. I wanted to quit nursing school as a freshman, sophomore, and junior. It wasn't until I worked on a pediatric hematology/oncology floor between my junior and senior year that I fell in love with nursing. Now I am so happy with what I am doing and find my job to be the perfect fit for me.
13. Traveling to all the continents is on my mental list of things to do in my life. I have a long way to go.
14. Being able to support myself without the help of my parents feels great.
15. I have been 5'10" since I was 14 years old and I usually love it.
16. One of my favorite places in the world is up at the lakes in Brainerd, Minnesota. We go every year and I hope one day to be able to bring my kids to the same house.
17. Seychelles is a place I have been wanting to visit ever since I read Timothy of the Cay in 4th grade.
18. I have only yelled at two people in my life (not including my immediate family) and they were probably the two scariest moments of my life.
19. My roommates have great style and I am constantly trying to even come close to looking as good as they do.
20. The Police is my all time favorite band probably because my first CD was one of theirs given to me by my dad.
21. My best friend Breezy and I got pulled up on stage to dance with Snoop Dogg who was opening for the Chili Pepper's concert.
22. I was on the same swim team for 14 years and some of my fondest memories and best friends come from those years.
23. My parents decided that a mullet was cute when I was between 3 and 5 years old.
24. One of my favorite and most rewarding things I ever did was coach special olympics softball. I still talk to one of the players at least once a month and see her every time I am home.
25. I love reading, but it can consume my life to the point where I won't do anything BUT read. If I start a book and love it, I won't put it down until I finish it, literally.
26. My dad and I both wish that I had put more time into golfing. One day I would like to shoot consistently under par.
27. I want to live a carefree, happy life in the mountains with a house by the ocean.

Oops 27!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Update

It was my one year anniversary with Danny this past Saturday, which seems crazy. That year went by really fast. We had a great weekend together celebrating in San Francisco. Danny drove down to SF from Tahoe to pick up his new car. His old one finally called it quits and he was forced to get a new one. I say good riddance! He needs a car that he can trust in the snow and to get him back to me in SF!

On Saturday Danny, my brother Tim, I went to Cow palace for a dog show. It was a new experience for all of us. And a dangerous one! My brother just got a new puppy in April, so he is set, but I want one!! There were literally every breed imaginable at the show all ranging from super tiny lap dogs to over 150 lb pooches! The big ones seriously had bibs to catch all their drool. One day when I have a big house and a big backyard I would love love to get a huge, slobbery, furry, loving dog like this one. For right now I think a golden or a lab would be perfect. We'll see!

Saturday night Danny and I went to Bobo's for our anniversary dinner. It was definitely a fun environment and would be a great place to get drinks and appetizers. I think there is even a rooftop that is open when the weather is nice. Our dinner was good, but not great. Unfortunately Danny spoils me and I'm used to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Although the steak was good, everything else was just okay. However they did have REALLY good drinks. I had a blueberry margarita and Danny had some cucumber drink before dinner. They were both tasty and refreshing! We may venture back to this place to try it again, but probably check out some other places in the city first!

Sunday we went to brunch with Tim and his girlfriend Lily at Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley. The area is really cute and it looked like there were a lot of cute places to have brunch. The place we went to is a German restaurant (obviously) and offered the biggest glasses of beer I have ever seen. You could get itty bitty glasses up to gallons! I definitely couldn't handle that. We had a great brunch there, although the meals are pretty hearty. Fun, but very loud restaurant. Full of people drinking a lot of beer! After brunch Danny and took Jackson, my brother's dog, and walked around Russian Hill. It was a beautiful day out.

I cannot even remember what we did on Monday. Probably lounged around all day :). Tuesday we got up early and went to The Crepe House. It was really good and we got to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. It was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend. Danny had to head back to Tahoe early afternoon so he could work that night. He'll be back this weekend, so not too much time apart!

Wednesday night the roommates and I went out for my birthday dinner (I was unaware until about 5 minutes beforehand). This was our first official dinner with all the roommates (Alex just moved in Jan. 1st). Everyone had been in and out of SF during the holidays and this was the first time we really were all together! We went to this place in North Beach Enrico's and had a wonderful time. They had strawberry mojitos that were delicious (and strong) and a cute outside patio. We sat outside, but there was a live jazz band playing inside. We opted to do out own little family style dinner and got to try some great dishes on the menu. My favorite was the truffle oil frittes. So good! At the end of the night we were all very full and a little tipsy. Thanks girls for the birthday dinner!

Well I think that gets everyone up to date on my last weekend. Maybe I can blog more frequently instead of once every few months :). I am still getting the hang of it and will have to ask my roommates how to spice up my posts...they seem a little boring at this point.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that I love

  1. Danny
  2. San Francisco
  3. My job
  4. My brother's dog Jackson
  5. My new bed
  6. Cool fall weather
  7. Ski season (soon!)
  8. Sunshine Wheat
  9. Watching Enchanted with my roommate
  10. Our new couch!